We do not want to ruin the fruit within these pages. We do not want to accidentally expose Leanora’s choice. It is too special of a story. Beneath the Silver Rainbow is a one of a kind story, which grips your imagination from the first page.

We can say this- you will laugh, you will cry, and might ultimately be inspired. This experience will conclude with the reader’s ultimate question of the role of motherhood and the effects it has on generations yet born.

So we will say this, prepare yourselves, get comfortable, find your best reading spot.

Because, Leanora, wants to speak with you; she wants to tell you about her experience in the eighth grade and how it defined her for decades to come. Leanora, wants to explain how float time sometimes has consequences. She wants to tell you, she is not a horrific person; but good, and wants to nurture.

Leanora, ultimately wants to discuss love, and how she arrived in Saint Louis, Missouri. She will tell you her name is Vivian; but then, will have to expose the realities of the sadness, she hides from.

Let’s listen to Leanora, and join her on the journey that defines lives.




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